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Montag, November 02, 2015

Nude by nature – neues Make-up aus Down Under und ein Interview mit Clint Dowdell

Tagescreme, etwas Abdeckstift, Wimperntusche, einen Tupfer in Rosé auf die Wangen und ab und an Lippenstift und Eyeliner – dass reicht mir eigentlich vollkommen. Mehr Make-up finde ich einfach zu viel für mich. Als die Infos und eine Einladung von "nude by nature" in meinem Postfach landete, wurde ich neugierig. Die Marke kommt aus Australien, ist ganz neu auf dem deutschen Markt und heißt eben so wie sie heißt; der Name hat mich angesprochen, bevor ich sie selbst ausprobiert habe. 

Meine täglichen Beauty-Lieblinge: Tages- und Nachtcreme, Tusche, nude by nature und Lippenstift
Bei einem Dinner mit ein paar anderen Bloggern (Fabian, Scalamari, Vreni, Elina und Netzwerkerin Melodie) hatte ich die Möglichkeit die Produkte kennenzulernen. Make-up Artist Clint Dowdell erklärte und schminkte jeden von uns in Seelenruhe. Was mir gut gefällt: Am Ende sieht es aus, als hätte ich nichts auf dem Gesicht und auch die Augenschatten fehlen plötzlich.

Die Produkte sind alle aus, in Australian, heimischen Zutaten entstanden und enthalten keine synthetischen Zutaten und Konservierungsmittel und weil ich ja einfach immer noch mehr Fragen habe, habe ich diese kurzerhand direkt an Clint persönlich gestellt, "Hey Clint!" (wir wechseln mal in die englische Sprache, damit es authentisch bleibt):

Hello Hola party peeps!
When did you start getting interested in Make-Up and how did it come that you are now the Brand Ambassador of Nude by Nature? 

Well to be honest my first love was acting and dancing and after studying at university some friends and I started at theatre company. Clearly we could not afford to pay makeup artists for the shows, so I picked up this role myself. I was always creative and loved to paint, so painting faces came naturally. Then because the world of theatre pays so well (insert sarcastic face here!), I started working for Mecca Cosmetica in Australia and there got to learn from some of the worlds best makeup artists including Terry DeGunzburg and Francios Nars. It was here that Nude by Nature found me and aked me to come on board. And the love affair with this brand started there. I was actually a makeup snob, so initially said not, but after I tried the products I was truly amazed. I like creating makeup that make the person look amazing, not just their makeup, and that what is so good about Nude by Nature, the way you skin looks like flawless skin.

Melodie taufte uns kurzerhand: The Glowys < 3

Did you ever went surfing with make-up on? (As being Australian and the way I got to know you during the event, I bet you're a Surfer boy)

I’m excited that you see me as a surfer boy! But alas, although I’m a total beach bum in summer, I can’t “hang ten”. I am however an avid lover of fitness and well being, as are most of the girls in the head office. On the day we received the first samples of the Flawless Pressed Powder Foundation we where taking part in a Bikram Yoga 30 day challenge. So after applying a face full of foundation, realised I had minutes to be on my mat, and no time to remove. Post class and 90 minutes of sweating, I still had a decent amount of foundation on the skin and I thought to myself …”this stuff is GOOD!”.

As I have learned during the event, we can simply tap powder into the brush instead of spreading it all over our bathroom. What other mistakes do we usually do when it comes to put on make up?

Concealer. I rant about this point a lot, but people often choose a concealer too light for their skin tone and end up turning their eyes grey, making dark circles more obvious and often making them look tired rather than the desired fresh look. Always choose a colour that is perfect for your skin, and if you have very dark circles, even try one shade darker to help neutralise the blue tone under the eyes. The Perfecting Concealer is amazing and the dewy formula won’t crease in our “situations”, what I like to call lines and wrinkles.

Which products do you never ever ever want to miss again? 

If you mean for me to personally use, I it easily the Perfecting Concealer and the Pressed Powder Bronzer. These give me a flawless finish, but look like I don’t have anything on at all. Infact I often get the comment “But Clint, you have perfect skin, you don’t need makeup” to which I reply “That’s because you have never seen me without makeup!”. If you ask for my kit to use on others, the Radiant Loose Powder Foundation really is a miracle product.

Wisst ihr Bescheid, ne? Ich nutze die Produkte nun seit einem Monat und bin schlichtweg begeistert weil es sich anfühlt wie nix, anstatt wie "aufgelegt" – solltet ihr mal testen.

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