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Donnerstag, Juni 12, 2014

Super Hairstylist Duffy im Interview

Vor zwei Jahren habe ich während der Berliner Fashion Week die deutschen Wella Professionals begleitet, nun hatte ich die Chance den internationalen Hair Stylisten Duffy zu interviewen. Er ist Vidal Sassoon Global Ambassador und Celebrities wie Scarlett Johansson und Tilda Swinton lassen sich mit Vorliebe von ihm stylen. Sind schonmal zwei Damen die ich großartigst finde, also hab ich den netten Herren mit rotem Rauschebart ausgefragt. 

 Duffy by Rankin

Das Interview ist auf englisch und aus Liebe zur Sprache belasse ich es auch dabei, wem es doch zu schwer ist, via könnt ihr es euch übersetzen. Einfach den Text kopieren und einsetzen.

How do you become a „super super hairstylist“

I don’t think there is one specific route, I personally left school at the age of 15 for an apprenticeship at Vidal Sassoon in London. Later on I made sure that I assisted as many of the industry greats i could that i admired. Working to create your own signature style is something you really have to work hard to achieve, it’s easy to learn a technique if you understand hair but much harder to make it your own.

Has it always been your dream job or did you ever want to become something else?

To be honest: Yes! I have always been fascinated by this creative world and have always wanted to be a part of it. That’s what I love about my job –the freedom.

Sometimes you get the feeling that hairdressers want to cut your hair short just for the cutting. What do you prefer for women – short or long hair? And for men?

For me at the moment it’s more about the individual, taking each person and building on their strong characteristics, if its curly keep it curly if it long keep it long, the same for guys try to have a little more personality in your hair, it’s amazing the reaction you will get if you don't conform.

Magazines tell us trends are: Bob, short hair, long hair. So what really IS trend? Everything?

THE trend for summer 2014 is shorter hair. You can play with the lengths and the most classic short haircut is of course the bob. It’s idea of a graphic and simple silhouette goes with almost every hairtype and outfit. Long hair is something that will never go out of fashion. But not every woman can wear it – it depends strongly on your hair quality. I think that’s why so many women decide to find an individual style with shorter hair.

What is the best method for making curls? Rollers or curling iron?

That depends on the result you want to achieve. A curling iron allows for more individual and precise results and might be better if you don’t want too much volume at your roots. With rollers, you have only one choice of curl, while a curling iron lets you create a different look every time. The key to long-lasting curls is using a long-lasting product like Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Volume-Lift Schaumfestiger in your damp hair before curling and waiting until the curls completely cool down after - whether you created them with the curling iron or rollers.

Are brushes with natural bristles really gentler? 
Natural bristle brushes are closer to your own hair structure and gentler than plastic brushes. They help transporting your scalp’s oil to the rest of your hair, smooth your hair’s cuticle and stimulating your scalp. But there are two rules for gently brushing your hair: First, never brush your hair while wet. It breaks easier when wet – so let it dry a little before you brush it. Second, never detangle it from the top down, detangle your ends first and work your way up.

Why does my hair never feel and smell like after the hairdresser, even though I have great products? What’s the secret ingredient?

20 years of experience and technique, I’m afraid.

Which hair product should I take to a lonely island, besides a brush?

That is a good question! I guess I would recommend a moisturizing shampoo (e.g. Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Feuchtigkeit Balance Shampoo). It cleans your hair but provides it with moisture at the same time, making it soft and smooth. But bring a hat too, for UV protection.

Your relationship with hair in three words:

Material, structure, texture.

So many elderly women wear short hair. What kind of hairstyle would you recommend to your mom?

My mother has had big curly long hair my whole life and is never cutting it off! Why should she! She looks Amazing!
Older women should wear there hair how ever they feel most comfortable and confident, i think long hair on older women can be beautiful if they are aware of it.

Lieben Dank an Duffy für dieses Interview, ich kämme meine Haare oft direkt nach der Dusche – unterlasse ich in Zukunft, versprochen! Zudem packe ich einen Sonnenhut ein für den Urlaub und versuche mir die Haare im höheren Alter lang wachsen zu lassen – im Moment liege ich mit meinem Bob ja genau richtig. Und wenn ich das perfekte Haar möchte, muß ich zu einem guten Friseurder sein Handwerk beherrscht! ;)

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