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Donnerstag, Juli 02, 2009

Bold what is true

01. I have made bad decisions.
02. Having my neck kissed is my weakness.

03. My pets are important to me.
04. I love having my picture taken.
05. I like Diet Coke better.
06. I am the oldest kid in my family.
07. I’ve experienced true boredom.
08. I feel mature and wise, and still young at heart!
09. I am good at helping people.
10. I hate tv.
11. I am sarcastic.
12. I wish nobody hurt anymore.

13. I half-listen to people sometimes when I should listen fully.
14. My friends are really weird!
15. I have a huge bedroom.
16. I’m not a member of the mile-high club.
17. I try to be a person of balance, but occasionally (or frequently) have extremes.
18. I have a lot to learn.
19. I hate how FOD makes the damn double-space.
20. I’m not tone deaf.
21. I love music.
22. Computers don’t like me.

23. I like to talk to random people.
24. I have little patience for small children.
25. I am not an attention whore.
26. I can be mean when I want to be.
27. I pretend to care sometimes.
28. I want to go to college.
29. I am intrigued by humanity at large.
30. I think Japanese people are strange as hell.
31. Everyone should be exposed to love at one time in their life.
32. I believe all children should learn more than one language.
33. My cat is spoiled.
34. I am a spoiled little girl.
35. I wish we had more 2-hour-delays.
36. I love being organized, but am not.
37. Suicide is stupid.
38. I wish I exercised more.
39. I remember useless trivia.
40. I try to find something positive in every situation, although I am not always successful in doing so.
41. People like me.
42. I love to talk.
43. I love to write.
44. I think literature is a beautiful thing.
45. I like vegetables.
46. I dance like a black girl.
47. I type with my fingers on the wrong keys.
48. I am an awesome cook.
49. My hair is reddish-brown.
50. I’ve owned and lived in the same house for over 10 years.

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  1. you don't like to write? lach ... lass das mal nicht dein blog hören! ;-)


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