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Samstag, Juni 20, 2020

Ohrwurm Tipp: Relationshit von Emily Roberts

What’s my worth? Im so happy to be a woman. Of course I don’t know it any other way, I’ve always been comfortable with gender. And to be fair, for the longest time I wasn’t even aware of the glass ceiling a lot of women are being kept under. If you’re boss ass business woman people might ask “ but what about having kids ? “. If you’re a “stay at home mum” people may ask “ but what about your career or aspirations ?!” Damn hard to get it right ... I’ve always been very confident, never afraid to speak up for others when they couldn’t do it themselves. What I’m trying to say in “REALTIONSHIT” is that you as a woman are enough. You don’t need a partner to validate you - if you don’t want to have kids: don’t have kids. A woman’s worth is not determined by the amount of children she has. Not determined by a ring on her finger. You don’t want any of these things ? FAIR ENOUGH. You do you. You’re enough and you’re loved. No matter what.

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