symposiums words from susie b., diane p., joachim b., panos d.(modabot), imran a. (buisness of fashion) and julia k. (lesmads) - blogger day vienna

i´m interested in the world

from analog design to online critic

maybe there were not ready to tell

i´m to much of a control freak

first; it´s difficult to make money

slowly but surely

high potential talents

i don´t try to be objectiv - that´s the speacial for every blog

a project of passion

so much content out there

every blogger has a voice

everything in my life is because i love it

people are interested in voices

that´s sounds like a very good image for everybody here

it´s a kind of passion, not for the money

the challenge for magazines is; how could they change

people don´t want the banners

the only thing you have as a blogger is trust 

you don´t understand the motivation,
what´s wrong with that?

deep down is the fear

we all start with the love of it

perhaps it´s just the time to see that we happy where we are

i´m happy to be that platform

i feel like i don´t really conecct with this blog, because there not really personal, but i like that there have a voice (about blogs from shops)

brands should me listening for blogs

(zitate ohne zeitliche reihenfolge und ohne namen)

v.l.n.r.: susie bubble, panos destanis of modabot, diane pernet, imran amet (buisness of fashion), julia knolle (les mads, glam)


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